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Minor Get Visual

 Minor Get Visual 

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This minor programme is especially developed for undergraduate students majoring in Business and/or Marketing, and for anyone who wants to learn how to integrate images in marketing strategies.


By signing up to this minor, you will be introduced to creative and visual thinking by means of photographic practice.  Images surround us all. More and more companies use today’s visually oriented culture, which has now become an intricate part of conducting successful business. This minor will give you the tools to be prepared for today’s ever evolving visual culture. 


By learning how to develop a captivating visual strategy you will be able to enhance effective business communication and marketing.

This minor will help you to be a more effective businessman or woman in today’s world. 


Get Camera Wise, Get Image Wise, Get Visual.



Content and schedule

Get Visual consists of a total of 840 study hours and 30 ECTS points. The 240 contact hours are split into two terms. The first covers the basic skills necessary to make communicative photos and/or films and also the theory behind good visual communication will be discussed and practised.

The application of these skills will be dealt with during the second term. The psychology and sociology behind visual marketing approaches will also be defined. During these two terms students take part in regular coaching sessions.
The minor programme will be rounded off with a Project Marathon where students will develop and present a visual strategy for existing business partners.

This unique minor programme combines theory and practice into an inspiring and hands-on work environment. The Fotovakschool has combined their expertise in imaging with the business knowledge that the International Business School of Fontys represents.


Register first

Note that there are a limited number of places available! 

Motivation & drive are crucial for participation. Basically, it’s first come, first served! 
All non Fontys students can apply on the Fotovakschool website (inschrijven) and will receive additional informationd by post. Fontys students can enrol or get additional information regarding applications by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Waarom de Fotovakschool?

  • Al 75 jaar dé opleider voor vakfotografen
  • De enige particuliere hogeschool met wettelijk erkende fotografie- en filmopleidingen (dus stufi+ov)
  • De ideale leeromgeving door goede doorstroom van beginner tot professional
  • Veel persoonlijke aandacht en kleine groepen
  • Opleidingen door het hele land

Open Dagen

10 maart: Apeldoorn, Boxtel, Rotterdam

17 maart: Amsterdam, Hilversum
21 april: Rotterdam, Venlo, Amsterdam
26 mei: Apeldoorn, Boxtel, Hilversum

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