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This minor is for those who are majoring in Business and/or Marketing and who understand that most marketing strategies don’t work without image anymore. So that’s exactly what you’ll learn, integrating images in marketing strategies.


Images surround us all. More and more companies use today’s visually oriented culture, which has now become an intricate part of conducting successful business. You will be introduced to creative and visual thinking with the help of photographic practice. The minor Get Visual will give you the tools to be prepared for this visual culture, which evolves every day.

After completion you will be a more effective businessman or woman in today’s world.


Get Visual consists of a total of 840 study hours and 30 study points. There are 240 contact hours in total. The contact hours are split into two terms. In the first 120 hours we will mostly handle the theory. You will learn the basic skills necessary to make communicative photos and/or films. Good visual communication will also be discussed and practiced. 

In the second 120 hours you will learn to applicate these skills. To get completely skilled we will teach you about the psychology and sociology behind visual marketing.



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Students can find the detailed schedule on ELO.

Costs and financing

In case you are a student, you have to ask for permission from your school to follow the minor Get Visual. In some cases your education will pay for the minor, in other cases you have to pay for it yourself.


In order to successfully follow the minor you need a digital SLR camera with zoom or different lenses. A computer or laptop is also necessary.




Length 1 semester
(5 months)
Internship No
Erkend diploma Does not apply
Supervision NRTO
Tax-deductible Does not apply
Financing Does not apply

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